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real estate recruitment

Welcome to the future of real estate recruitment

Are you struggling to find quality real estate talent?

Are you looking for a recruitment funnel that will make a big impact?

Look no further than Property Funnels. We specialize in creating funnels that generate results.

Summarised, here’s what we do to ensure you enjoy maximum impact:

1. We work with you to identify your target audience and craft an irresistible offer that will get them interested in learning more about your agency.

2. We design and implement a campaign that will get maximum exposure for your recruitment message.

3. We create a blog post about your agency, featuring the event video and links to your “join our team” page. This way, you can continue to attract new candidates even after the event is over.

Our 6-part recipe to ensure you enjoy maximum impact in your recruitment campaigns.

  1. We help you find new real estate talent in your desired location by creating, setting up and managing your Facebook ads
  2. We prequalify possible candidates using our lead capture funnels
  3. We set up a nurture and reminder campaign to create a further buzz around your event and to ensure leads do not forget about the event
  4. We host your event on your behalf to ensure you do not need to worry about the tech aspect while you present
  5. We set up a post-event funnel to encourage attendees to book one on one meetings with you or your recruitment officer
  6. And we create a blog post (with the event video embedded) about your agency and the opportunities it offers agents, together with links to your “join our team” page so that you can continue to attract new interested candidates to your agency after the event has passed (see example here)


So if you’re looking for quality real estate talent, look no further than Property Funnels and contact us today.