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Do You want more real estate leads?

Then you need real estate marketing funnels

(Just ask Frans…)

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We build beautiful, high-converting, copywriter-quality real estate sales funnel systems exclusively for the high-performance property professional who wants to convert more real estate leads into clients, build their database and stay in constant contact with their database.

We do this by bringing together all the digital marketing tools you used to need and have combined them into a single, robust and bespoke Property Marketing CRM tailored to the high-performance real estate agent (new agents and veterans welcome).

Test Drive Our Flagship Desktop Valuation Funnel

Get a quick feel for what your leads could be experiencing when they find you on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Email (anywhere in fact)

Trusted By High-Performance Agencies

get 1000 real estate leads using prospector pro

(ProspectorPro allows you to automatically search for, extract and engage with 1000 of your ideal leads per month)

Perfect for agencies that want to recruit new agents, form relationships with industry associates, search for buyers and sellers and so much more.

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(Connect your personal Whatsapp number to enjoy true two-way conversations with your leads, or automate responses using the Property Funnels automations)

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(showcase all your properties or just one, create valuation campaigns to pick up mandates, or use them to profile yourself or your agents) – no real estate website necessary

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(run Whatsapp, SMS and email campaigns on old databases or on new leads)

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(whether you have 500 contacts or 500,000, you now have space to grow)

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(why should you be capped?)

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(integrate with the calendar you already use and keep your buyers grouped by the properties they enquire on)

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(true two-way chat. Ask for more information or chat in real time)

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(post automatically to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Google Business Profile)

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(manage your real estate team and assign new leads to them – manually, or in a round robin)

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(send clients a link to your Google business account and leverage the higher ratings for more organic traffic to your main website of your funnels)

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(so important follow ups and activities are never missed)

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With Property Specific Campaigns and Automations to Help You Grow Faster

credit consent

Credit consent applications

to speed up bond origination processes

covid survey

Electronic Covid declarations

to ensure compliance and database growth

happy birthday email

Pre-built campaigns

Birthday campaigns, happy property anniversary and 22 weeks of done-for-you emails to ensure you remain top of mind and in your contacts’ good graces

deal tracking

Real-time deal tracking pipelines

to show your seller exactly what you are doing for their property


Use the Appointment Campaign

to get face/phone time with potential sellers and interested buyers (to keep your pipeline full-up)


Reputation campaigns

2-click reputation-enhancing campaigns to drum up positive reviews from your best or newest clients (or automate it by linking it to completed appointments)

buyer prequalification

Prequalify potential buyers with our 6-point Buyer Ready Quiz

(if you want higher-quality long-form leads)

lease automations

Automate the rental referral and rental application process

with easy-to-launch digital forms (which you can export in PDF to print)

social media planner

Plan your social media posting

(automatically post to your or your team's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business Profile)

real estate recruitment

Easy real estate recruitment

Ditch the old, slow way of recruiting real estate agent talent (and use our recruitment funnel instead) Click this card to find out more


property24 leads

Automatically import new leads from Property24 and other portals into your CRM

and build active campaigns around home buyers so they sign up for appointments with you and they don’t go cold! This is one of the best ways to separate the home buyers from the browsers!

Our Latest Blog Posts

Here’s how we build funnels for estate agents to generate real estate leads…in 7 simple ways (you’re going to love number 5)

  1. We optimise your social media page for greater engagement using our Social Media Idea Generator and get organic leads using our Facebook Profile Lead Machine (an effective way to reach your target audience without running any ad campaigns)
  2. We build, write and optimise your very own landing pages with list-segmented forms to ensure you attract only quality leads (that belong to you…not your agency. So you can take this valuable information with you regardless of which agency you represent)
  3. We help you revive your existing email database using the 8-word subject line formula and create irresistible offers your leads cannot refuse and create a personal connection with your past clients (even if the last time you emailed them was back in 2015)
  4. We help you nurture your list with exciting, done-for-you email campaigns you can copy, paste and load into your email sender (or let us handle it all for you)
  5. We show you how your marketing emails can inject a quick and steady flow of cash into your pocket every time you send an email (the more you send, the more you earn…unlock this secret in your list for more quality leads of property owners or prospective buyers)
  6. We offer you one-on-one support for when you get stuck (no need to read long-winded FAQs pages that are never updated and make no sense. A real estate lead generation company that takes phone calls? Imagine!)
  7. And…most importantly…we actually give a damn about your success and want you to win (you can phone or Whatsapp us any time)

Okay, and last: we know the real estate industry and give you only the best marketing tools. So we already know your business better than any other marketer or copywriter trying to vie for your business…

When your Sales Skills Are Actually Worthless

In the real estate market, talking a homeowner off the ledge of doubt when they want to sell takes professional sales skills…

Talking them off the ledge of doubt when deciding to sign a sole mandate with you (versus an open one) takes even more skill…

And talking a homeowner off the ledge of doubt when you present then with your professional fee is the biggest skill you need to develop because it’s the difference between surviving and thriving…

But what a lot of real estate agents ask is…what does it all matter if you can’t get their attention? And even if you do somehow, magically get their attention, how do you get them to trust you enough to part with their valuable contact details?

You will need 3 ingredients to get this right and generate quality seller leads:

  • An offer they cannot refuse (your offer needs to be different…but only if you really want to land the best clients and sell the best homes)
  • A Story they cannot ignore (a story about them…not you)
  • A marketing strategy they cannot escape (how to position yourself in front of them where ever they go)
landing pages

Your lead capture funnels can do this for you…just like it did for Frans…

Frans needed a solution to revive his dormant email list. As a real estate professional he has been severely and negatively impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown…and would only be able to get back to doing what he does best at Level 2 (we were in Level 4 then and were not sure when Level 2 was planned to happen).

Frans, like thousands of real estate professionals, understands that his contact lists (collected over years of hard work and at a high cost) are where his referrals and current and future real estate business comes from…

But what he didn’t know was how to reengage his list…especially because he neglected to stay in touch over the years.

Within one week of using Property Funnels, Frans told me he was receiving 2 to 3 enquiries for desktop property valuations a day…one of which was a handsome potential R4 million sale (@ 5% commission, he could earn R200,000 on that alone).

All of this was made possible thanks to Property Funnels. A great way and an effective solution for real estate professionals who want to leverage their lists now, and fill up their pipeline with mandates. So that when Level 2 kicked in, they wouldn’t have to start with no leads, no mandates and no momentum…

Frans now had a headstart on all his competitors in his local area…and all he had to do was ask me to build him a high-converting broadcast email, simple landing page, an optimised form (to collect or update his leads’ contact information), and an effective email autoresponder.

All neatly packaged into Property Funnels: the only custom-built All-In-One Property Marketing CRM you’ll ever likely need.

What Agents Say About Property Funnels

“Such great value, and such a great concept. Thank you”

Hi David. Just a quick one to say thank you for your enormous effort on my campaign. It has been so easy dealing with you. and the content you put together is quite unbelievable. I can imagine the challenges of the work from home VS daddy day care, but you put this together in next to no time too. Such great value, and such a great concept. Thank you for everything so far, and I know this is only the beginning of many more 🙌🏽

Brendon Funnell, Real Estate Co

“Everything was done in quick time, easy and understandable”

Hi David Just a quick note to say thank you very much for setting up this funnel. Your professionalism, knowledge and readiness to assist is not a common trait in this day and age. Everything was done in quick time, easy and understandable even to a techno dufus like me. I will most definitely be making use of your services in the near future. The aim is to work smarter not harder. Again thank you very much

Eugene de Haast, Keller Williams

“You are professional and exceeded my expectations with the final product”

HI David, Thank you very much for assisting me and making my life a little easier during these tough times. Your efforts and quick responses are much appreciated and I would highly recommend you to anyone who may need help with setting up a Mailchimp account or generating leads. You are professional and exceeded my expectations with the final product. Keep in touch, and once a again... a thousand thank you's 🙂

Bianca Watters, New Roof Properties

“Your subject knowledge and guidance in the process has been a welcoming breath of fresh air”

Hi David, Thank you for your speedy and professional service in delivering the landing pages for sellers that need a valuation on their properties in my farming area. Your subject knowledge and guidance in the process has been a welcoming breath of fresh air in turbulent and uncertain times. I will definitely recommend your service!

Jaco Venter, Pam Golding Properties

What's a Funnel?

A funnel starts with a single-focused landing page that is designed to get quality inbound leads to do one thing: sign up, buy your product, or use your service. One top mistake agents make is to go too broad and try to get a home buyer and seller from the same page.

How Does A Real Estate Marketing Funnel Work?

The real estate marketing funnel is a system that helps you turn leads into clients. It starts with generating awareness among your target audience through marketing activities like Google and Facebook advertising, public relations, and content marketing.

Once you’ve caught their attention, you need to nurture your relationship with them by providing valuable information and resources.

When they’re finally ready to buy or sell a property, you’ll be top of mind and they’ll contact you to help them with the transaction. 

Do Real Estate Sales Funnels Work?

The short answer is YES!

Real estate sales funnels are a great way to increase your business’s bottom line. By using a sales funnel, you can more efficiently target potential customers and close more deals.

A typical real estate sales funnel includes four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action.

First, you must generate awareness of your business among potential customers. This can be done through marketing and advertising efforts.

Next, you must generate interest in your business’s products or services. This can be done through providing information about your business and its offerings.

Once you have generated interest, you must then help the potential customer make a decision about your business. This can be done through providing pricing information, testimonials, or other data that helps the customer understand the value of your business.

Finally, once the customer has made a decision, you must take action to close the deal. This can be done through negotiation and follow-up.

How Do Real Estate Agents Generate Leads?

There are a number of ways that real estate agents generate leads.

One common method is cold calling, whereby agents contact potential clients who have not expressed any interest in buying or selling property.

Another modern lead generation technique is internet marketing, where agents use online tools such as SEO and social media to reach a wider audience.

Personal networking is also a popular lead generation strategy, as it allows agents to tap into their personal and professional networks to find potential clients.

Finally, brand awareness campaigns can also be an effective lead generation tool, as they help to raise the profile of the agent and their business.

Who Needs A Funnel?

Real estate professionals who are looking for a simple and affordable solution to capturing new seller, buyer, landlord and even tenant leads, and converting them into clients (regardless of your zip code or if you’re a new business).

How A Funnel Is Built

A Funnel for real estate needs to do one of two things: It needs to help real estate professionals attract and convert curious homeowners into serious sellers; or browsing buyers into committed purchasers.

We succeed in converting buyers and sellers into clients by building high-converting and attractive landing pages in the Property Funnels CRM.

The reason why we use Property Funnels is because it’s both highly affordable and beautifully integrated with social media, has its own email sender, form and survey builder, reputation enhancer, is Google My Business integrated, is Zapier connected and so much more.

Services For All Professionals To Get More Real Estate Leads

We Love to help new real estate agents, real estate pros, real estate coaches, principal agents and offices attract, convert, retain and delight current and potential clients by using our copywriting, marketing and property knowledge (all neatly packed into our modern lead generation software).

Social Media Marketing

Use our Social Media Idea Generator to get the engagement you deserve so that more people see and click on your offers.

& Learn the secrets to converting your personal Facebook profile into a lead generation machine. No Facebook ads required equals free leads!

Landing Pages

Choose us to conceive, build, design and write your own beautiful, high-converting buyer or seller focused landing page (using the same all-in-one CRM…so no pricey website subscriptions necessary. Enjoy the personal touch to enhancing your online presence).

Email Marketing

Whether you need an onboarding email series for new subscribers or a campaign to resuscitate dormant email lists, we’ve got you covered.

List Building a given!

Digital Business Cards

Leverage one of the easiest ways to attract and convert new clients in your local area using a well designed and trackable digital business card: whether it’s buyer leads or home owners you’re looking for.

Search Engines Beware

Social media platforms are important, but so is your ability to rank on Google in your local community. Get our Google My Business optimiser to reach a wider audience and have hot leads contact you directly!

“Your subject knowledge and guidance in the process has been a welcoming breath of fresh air”

Hi David, Thank you for your speedy and professional service in delivering the landing pages for sellers that need a valuation on their properties in my farming area. Your subject knowledge and guidance in the process has been a welcoming breath of fresh air in turbulent and uncertain times. I will definitely recommend your service!

Jaco Venter, Pam Golding Properties

Are You Ready To Generate More Real Estate Leads, Convert And Sign Them? Then A Real Estate Funnel Will Help You Get This Right (and the best part is for a small monthly fee).

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