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lead generation for estate agents

Generating leads in real estate is really easier than it has ever been in the past.

Before, you only had a few options to generate leads: cold calls, door knock, drop fliers and spend a small fortune on newspaper, billboard, television and radio ads.

Lead generation for estate agents now

Thanks to online networks like social media, Google and even email, reaching your perfect client and offering them the opportunity to work with you is both easy, inexpensive and highly effective.

How we help you generate leads

We use a three-pronged approach to generating leads and converting them to mandates.

The first place we start is with your own database. If you have an email database, this is the perfect place to begin generating leads.

It’s basically free, is not influenced by any social media or search algorithms, and is the closest you will get to the exact people you want to influence and help.

Here’s how our 80-day automated email system works

  1. We upload your email list into your own Property Funnels CRM
  2. We add them to the 80-day automated email workflow
  3. And let it run.
  4. That’s it.

The emails are already done for you.

The tech is already taken care of.

And the recipients simply respond to the email – which is forwarded to your normal business email address.

The beauty is it’s simple and automated – no need to learn any new tech or spend hours writing response-getting emails.

Using paid media

We use a range of paid media networks, including Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to the fact that the age of users on these networks is getting older (which means they likely have a property already or are about to start their homeownership journey), these are great networks to generate leads.

  1. We help you with the complete set up of your ads
  2. We write your ads for you and design the artwork
  3. We ensure your market is targeted correctly and accurately and manage the ad campaign from start to finish.

Tying it all together

While generating leads is not rocket science, the fact is many real estate agents do not invest in systems (or at least learn how to use the ones they already have access to) to help them manage their leads.

While we all want a steady stream of leads who are ready to work with us right now, the truth is most people still take their time before deciding who to do business with.

This is the reason why you need follow-up campaigns and nurture journeys set up.

These campaigns are designed to help you stay in touch, top of mind, and perfectly positioned for when the client decides to pull the trigger and hire you to help them sell or buy their next property.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to discuss the best strategy for your business, whether you are a single estate agent or an agency – we have plans and strategies to help you!