7 Lead Generation Templates For Estate Agents (Free & Easy)

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lead generation

Free lead generation Funnel templates for Real Estate Agents

An effective lead generation Property Funnel begins with a great advert and ends with a happy customer (and practitioner).

To help you get a great start, I’ve compiled a few resources for you to simply download, tweak and use in your own marketing.

7 Free lead generation Funnel Downloads

1. Facebook Ads

Buyer-focused Facebook script

Landlord-focused Facebook script

Seller-focused Facebook script

Tenant-focused Facebook script

Expired Mandate Facebook script

Social Media Idea Generator

Get Free Leads From Your Facebook Profile

2. Email broadcasts

18 Seller-Focused Email Outreach Emails

6 Quick-Win Personalised Cold Emails

3. SMS Broadcasts That Convert

4. Email Autoresponders

Email Autoresponders

5. Headline Templates

How to write the H2+(GB)-(PP) Headline

6. Power Words

112 Emotion-triggering power words

7. Testimonial scripts

4 scripts for better reviews

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