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How to easily fill your sales pipeline with seller leads in 2022 (and convert them in your sleep)

So you want to fill your sales pipeline with seller leads?

fill your sales pipeline with seller leads

First thing’s first, if you want to fill your sales pipeline with new seller leads who are ready to use your services now and in the future you need to stop doing this.

Stop putting your phone number on your posts on social media

Stop relying only on referrals

Stop being afraid to email your list

Stop collecting and storing your contacts on your phone and in an Excel spreadsheet.

You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about…

You may even flat out disagree with me (and that’s fine).

But listen up. 

If your lead generation strategy to fill your sales pipeline with seller leads does not include a simple online funnel, you’re going to continue to struggle to enjoy the feeling of having a funnel full of potential clients who will use you now and in the future.

In fact, worrying about only filling your sales funnel with clients who are only ready to sell now is shortsighted…and it will kill your business.

Everyone is a prospect. And every prospect who shows interest in your service is a client…now and in the future. Even the so-called time waster is a potential client.

If you haven’t had a mandate or earned a commission in the past 3 months, 5 months, 8 months and you’re wondering where to turn to crack this nut, you need to understand that your focus on the 3% of consumers who are in the market to sell
now is not where your sole focus needs to be.


That’s because you and every other agent in your market is competing for the exact same market. 

The 3% ready to sell now.

There is nothing wrong with trying to compete for this market…but it should not be your exclusive focus. You should also focus on the other 97% of homeowners who are going to be sellers in the next 6 to 18 months.

This is the market that will bring you long-term growth and revenue.

But you need a system to capture, store and nurture them over a long period of time.
And that means you need a strategy for getting their attention, giving them something of value now and keeping them engaged into the future.

The truth is people only sell their homes when they are ready…

And they choose agents they trust and know to help them.

If you’ve helped a homeowner with a simple desktop valuation and some value-added information on how their property stacks up against other homes in their neighbourhood, and what buyers would be prepared to pay for their home, that’s
a future client for you.

But if you stop communicating with them after doing the work of sending them a desktop valuation and some important market data, they will quickly forget about you.
And when they forget you…they do not use you when they are ready to sell.

A long-term nurture strategy can be the difference between getting mandates on autopilot or slogging away chasing the 3% of those ready to sell now.

This is why only placing your phone number on your social media posts and asking interested sellers to call you is a poor lead generation strategy.

The algorithm may only display your post to a potential seller at 10pm on a Sunday.
And even if they are in the market to sell now, they will not phone you at that time of the night. 

And will they call you the next day?

Probably not. They would have forgotten all about you by the next day.

But if you had a landing page with a form to collect their details and a follow up campaign to acknowledge their interest and nurture them to book a call with you, you’d have a funnel full of homeowners ready to list and sell now or in the future (and with no more cold calling).

Imagine the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning and having a funnel full of interested sellers requesting you to call them back! And not just a single Monday every once in a while. But every Monday into the future.

The reason why you need a funnel is simple: it reaches your market when you can’t and captures leads 24 hours a day. It never switches off; it never fails you. And every lead is an opt-in lead. Which means you have permission to call and email them.

Your database is the most valuable resource in your business (regardless of whether it has 100 or 10 000 contacts in it). But, if you have no database you have no business.

Getting access to phone numbers of homeowners in your area is getting incredibly difficult, so why are you not adapting to and adopting technology that can turn your business and fortunes around?

Property Funnels was born for this specific need and purpose: to help agents attract, capture and convert more sellers into clients now and in the future. It integrates the best lead management and email marketing features for South African real estate professionals. It’s easy to use, powerful in its execution, and will help your business grow.

Fill your sales pipeline with seller leads the right and easy way today.

Simply use the chat widget on this page to book your call or head on over to the contact us page and start growing with Property Funnels.

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