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Should you hide or delete Facebook comments? (here’s why not)

If you’ve ever tried advertising your business on Facebook, you’ll likely know the feeling of someone leaving a nasty, irrelevant or vulgar comment on your Facebook post.

It can leave you feeling angry or irritated – or both.

You may be tempted to simply delete or hide the Facebook comments (and ban the person from being able to access your page again).

So, should you hide or delete Facebook comments?

The short answer is no.

And here’s why: Facebook’s algorithm favours user engagement.

And because of this, if your post (whether it’s just a post or a paid for ad) gets comments, reactions and shares, that’s a good sign to Facebook’s algorithm that your post is valuable.

And when this happens, Facebook will give your post or ad an extra boost in the newsfeed and show it to more people!

What should you do if you don’t hide or delete Facebook comments?

The answer here is simple: you respond to the comment.

Take a moment to consider what the comment is saying, what could possibly be behind it, and why the person decided to take the time to leave you a comment like this.

Then take a deep breath, a walk or anything to help you clear your head and come up with a suitable response.

Be mindful that Facebook is a public forum, and when you respond, you are representing yourself and your company or business.

So be polite and set them straight in the most firm but gentle way possible.

How does responding to comments on Facebook affect your post’s reach?

As I mentioned the Facebook algorithm rewards posts and ads that attract engagement (with comments and shares among the highest indicators of engagement), so you responding to your comments is an extra boost to your post or ad’s reach.

Over and above this, the other people who see your ad, and read the comments, will see the nasty or inappropriate comment and then see your response.

This is a much better way to manage your social media presence than ignoring the comments or hiding them (because people can see the post has comments, but just can’t access them).

Your response is key to showing other potential customers that you care about what people have to say about you and your service, and can actually win over new potential clients.

How do you hide or delete Facebook comments?

If you have considered the above, and the benefits of rather responding to comments than simply deleting or hiding them, and you still want to delete or hide a comment on your Facebook post or ad, do this:

On mobile

hide or delete facebook comments on mobile

1 Push down on the comment you want to delete or hide

2 Select either Hide or Delete comment

On computer

hide facebook comments on computer

1 Hover over the comment with your cursor

2 Click the 3 horizontal dots to the right

3 Select Hide or Delete comment

You can also choose to Report the comment. You will usually do this if you believe the commenter is a fake profile or if the comment could be deemed to be harassment.

Which ever route you decide to go with, at the end of the day there is no right or wrong way – just the best way for you.

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