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Real Estate Services South Africa: A Comprehensive Review

real estate services

Real Estate Services is one of South Africa’s fastest growing digital real estate agencies.

With an agent count of more than 340 agents as at May 2022, we review why so many agents are leaving other established brands to grow their own real estate business within the Real Estate Services brand.

What Is Real Estate Services?

Real Estate Services is a company founded by Giovanni Gaggia to help agents retain more income in the real estate transaction.

He has served in leadership roles for major brands in South African real estate. With more than 23 years of experience in the South African Real Estate Industry, he is passionate about helping agents from entry-level to advanced levels, mentoring and assisting estate agents to grow their businesses, build teams, and keep more income for their families.

Real Estate Services provides a strong professional vehicle to serve agents to remain in charge of their business and sales/letting services without needing to do some of the things other companies force on their agents: attend company meetings and adhere to company policies that generally go against the nature of the of the industry, as well as being micromanaged and having to strictly adhere to set commission structures. 

What Real Estate Services Offers Agents in South Africa

Real Estate Services believes in offering its agents “a better agency deal”.

How it does this in 7 key ways:

  1. Allow agents to buy into 100% commission splits
  2. Offer affiliate income to company agents who help to recruit new agents to the agency
  3. The agency reduces running costs for agents by significantly contributing to marketing, administration and portal fees
  4. Allow agents to build their own brand in the Real Estate Services brand, or to simply use the Real Estate Services brand
  5. A panel of preferred conveyancing attorneys and bond origination consultants are available (agents receive 0.3% bond commission on each registered sale)
  6. No royalties or desk fees are payable by agents
  7. Optional full virtual assistant support for property valuation reports, canvass information, loading of listings, administration, deal tracking (these services are offered on a pay as you go option)

How the Commission Packages are structured

100% Commission Package

95% Commission Package

90% Commission Package

85% Commission Package

80% Commission Package

70% Commission Package

60% Commission Package

50% Commission Package 

Total Commission Payouts To Agents To Date (May 2022)

R62,7 million

Total Profit Share and Referral Payouts To Agents To Date (May 2022)

R5,8 million

Real Estate Services Business Options

Commission Package




*R4400pm,Once off License fee R70,000

+ Startup Pack Items you wish to use


R2200pm, Once off License fee R50,000

+ Startup Pack Items you wish to use


R1045pm, Once off License fee R40,000

+ Startup Pack Items you wish to use


R550pm, Once off License fee R30,000

+ Startup Pack Items you wish to use


no monthly costs or license fee

+ Startup Pack Items you wish to use

70 – 80% package is determined after we understand your level of experience, prices are Excl VAT

How To Join Real Estate Services

Joining Real Estate Services is easy. Simply go here, fill in the form and the team will be in touch with you to discuss your various options and to answer all of your questions.

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