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10 Jaw-Dropping Facebook Real Estate Ads Examples (How to)

Facebook Real Estate Ads Examples

Looking for some inspiration for your Facebook real estate ads? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will showcase 13 jaw-dropping examples of successful Facebook real estate ads. These real estate Facebook ads are creative, eye-catching, and most importantly, they generate results. If you’re looking to create a Facebook ad that really stands out from the crowd, then you need to check out these examples!

What do effective Facebook real estate ads Examples have to include?

1. Use high quality images to capture your home’s best features

As any real estate agent will tell you, capturing the interest of potential buyers is essential to selling a property – the key to any real estate business.

And in today’s digital age, one of the best practices to do that is through Facebook advertising.

But what makes for a great Facebook real estate ad set? The first step is it should have high-quality images that showcase the home’s best features. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to real estate ads, you want to make sure your pictures are saying all the right things about your property and building brand awareness for you.

Professional photos that highlight the unique selling points of the home will help to grab attention and get people interested in learning more.

So if you’re looking to create jaw-dropping Facebook real estate ads, be sure to use high-quality images that will capture attention and help sell your property.

2. Write a catchy headline that will grab attention

Creating Facebook real estate ads doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, one of the simplest and most effective ways to get attention is to write a catchy headline. Just like with any other type of advertising, your headline should be designed to grab attention and entice people to learn more.

Here are a few tips real estate agents can follow when writing headlines that will make your Facebook real estate ads stand out (be sure to spend a lot of time coming up with the best headline)

1. Keep it short and sweet. Your headline should be concise and to the point. Avoid using long, drawn-out phrases or complicated jargon.

2. Make it benefits-focused. Your headline should highlight the unique benefits of your property. What makes it special? Why should someone want to live there?

3. Use strong keywords. Choose words that accurately describe your property and that the right audience of potential buyers are likely to stop and take notice of it.

3. Describe your home in as much detail as possible, highlighting its unique selling points

If you’re looking to create Facebook ads that will really grab people’s attention, an important thing is to focus on highlighting your home’s unique selling points.

To do this effectively, you’ll need to describe your home in detail, highlighting features that are likely to appeal to your target market of prospective buyers.

For example, if you have a spacious and well-appointed kitchen, make sure to mention this in your ad copy. Likewise, if your home is located in a desirable neighbourhood or Zip Code, be sure to mention this as well.

By focusing on what makes your home special, you’ll be more likely to create ads that will really stand out from the crowd and be more appealing to your target audience.

If you’re not sure what makes your home special, think about what you love most about it. Is it the large backyard? The bright and airy rooms? The short commute to downtown?

Whatever it is, make sure to mention it in your ad copy. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to create ads that will really sell it and lead to better lead generation.

4. Add a video tour of your home to really show it off

Any real estate professionals one who have tried to sell a home before know that getting potential customers through the door is half the battle.

You can have the most gorgeous property in the world, but if no one knows it’s for sale, you’re not going to get any offers. That’s where Facebook real estate ads come in.

By targeting potential buyers on the world’s largest social media platform, you can reach a vast audience of people who might be interested in your property.

But simply posting a photo of your home isn’t enough to get people’s attention – you need to make your ad stand out from the rest. A great way to do this is by adding a virtual tour and optimising the advertising campaign with video ads.

With a video tour, potential buyers can see your home in all its glory, without even having to step foot inside. You can highlight the best features of your property, and give viewers a sense of what it would be like to live there. Plus, videos are more likely to capture people’s attention than photos alone.

Pro Tip: Use Facebook Live when you list a new property. You can even use your live videos in a Facebook ad campaign later.

5. Include information about your neighborhood and the local market

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are everything. That’s why it’s so important to create Facebook real estate ads that are sure to stop scrollers in their tracks.

And one of the best ways to do that is by including information about the neighborhood, local schools and anything else that’s relevant to the real estate market.

After all, buyers want to know more than just what the house looks like on the outside – they want to get a sense for what it would be like to live there.

By sharing details about the surrounding area, you can give potential buyers a taste of what it would be like to call your listing their home. And that just might be enough to seal the deal.

6. Make sure your contact info is easily visible

One of the most important elements of any real estate ad is the contact information. After all, the whole point of the ad is to generate real estate leads, and that can only happen if potential clients know how to reach you.

There are a few different ways to make sure your contact info is visible in your Facebook ad. First, you can include it in the image itself.

For example, you could overlay your phone number or email address on a picture of a stunning property. Or, you could drive leads to a landing page dedicated to the property and include your contact info to the sidebar or main body of the page.

Whichever approach you choose, just make sure that your contact info is prominently featured so that interested buyers will know how to get in touch.

Need some real estate advertising inspiration?

If you’re not sure how to get started with Facebook ads or online advertising, or if you want some inspiration for your own campaigns, check out these 10 jaw-dropping real estate Facebook ad examples.

From creative use of video to eye-catching images and clever copywriting, these ads show that there’s more to successful real estate marketing on Facebook than simply boosting a listing from your Facebook page.

1. This ad from Champion Real Estate shows a 3D Matterport tour of a house

2. This ad from RE/MAX uses video to show off a property

3 This ad from Virtual Realty leverages getting tenants to buy their first home

4. This ad from Bell Ingram is simple but elegant

5. This ad is eye-catching and colorful

6 This ad from Neocrest Homes has a cool location feature

7 This ad from Cape Coastal Homes makes good use of image designs and text overlays

8 This ad from a Keller Williams agent appeals to a very specific audience

9 This agent uses memes to get the attention of her market

10 This ad makes good use of a comprehensive description and photos resulting in hundreds of comments

How to approach Facebook marketing the right way

Facebook is the best platform and remains a great place to connect with potential and current customers, whether it’s a first-time homebuyer or existing homeowner looking to upgrade.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using this platform for marketing purposes.

First, it’s important to create content that is interesting and engaging. Boring posts will not capture the attention of Facebook users.

Second, it’s necessary to be active on the platform, responding to comments and messages in a timely manner.

Finally, it’s a good idea to understand the data that Facebook provides. By using Insights, real estate agencies can see how their posts are performing and make changes accordingly. By following these tips, a real estate company can create an effective Facebook marketing strategy to attract buyer leads.

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