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Real Estate Leads: 3 bullet proof strategies to attract more sellers

real estate leads

Getting real estate lead generation right is crucial to the success of your real estate business.

Agents can spend thousands of rand on real estate leads and never get a single phone call or appointment.

Having good real estate lead generation strategies in place will help you grow your business faster and reduce the stress associated with just starting out or maintaining momentum.

In this blog post I’m going to cover the three important real estate lead generation strategies every real estate agent should have in place. Get ready for a treasure trove of lead gen strategies.

Real estate leads from social media ads

There is a wealth of information on real estate lead generation using Facebook as a lead source. And while it can feel overwhelming to know which strategy to follow and adopt, the fundamentals remain the same: you have a market who needs help selling their home.

As a real estate agent you have the tools and knowledge to truly help them.

But how do you get the attention of new leads? And when you do get their attention, how do you get them to contact you?

Contrary to what you may believe, leaving your phone number on your social media posts or ads and asking new leads to call you is a lot less effective than giving them an easy way to apply by using your online forms.

The truth is many new leads may see your social media ads or posts late at night or very early in the morning, and will simply not call you at those times (thankfully!). And by the time when it would be convenient to call you, those new leads may have already forgotten about you or not know where to find the post they saw with your number on it.

If you had an easier way for people on social media to enquire when they were hottest, you would convert more of the attention you were generating into actual leads.

Real estate leads from your email database

The best real estate leads you can get are from your own email database. You already have their contact details and permission to market to them, so they are far more likely to engage with your marketing than strangers in the real world.

The irony is that very few real estate agents ever consider this as viable lead generation strategy, even though it is possibly the best source of free leads.

Email marketing is practically free, and because those people in your database have dealt with you in the past, they are more likely to trust you and convert into serious leads.

We cover how to engage with your database here (and include some scripts to get you going as soon as possible).

Real estate leads from Google My Business

A real estate agent’s Google My Business page is their online real estate office. And the best part is you do not even need a website of your own to create a business profile!

It contains all the business information you’d want potential clients to know about you, and will come up in search engine results for your name or services.

Include a compelling description about what your real estate business is about, including local keywords in the text without being spammy or trying to stuff as keywords into it as you can (Google will penalise you for doing this).

You can use it as another way to attract new leads and build a good reputation.

When it comes to Google, there are two types of searchers: those looking for information and those looking for services.

While it’s the latter that you actually want, it’s shortsighted to ignore the first group. This is why you should use your Google My Business profile to post useful articles as well as highlight the services you offer.

To help you improve your Google My Business ranking we’ve created a free resource to help you rank higher in the shortest amount of time.

Getting real estate leads is not rocket science and doesn’t have to cost much money – and social media doesn’t have to cost you a cent either. But it does pay to have these three must-haves dialed in sooner than later if you’re to enjoy better opportunities and the benefits of having a successful real estate business!

Real estate professionals who are serious about new lead generation as well as long term client relationship management use market leader companies like Property Funnels. While there are plenty of lead generation companies in the market, very few work exclusively in the real estate market. We use a variety of lead generation methods (combined with our lead generation software) to help new agents and established real estate agents with tried and true strategies to attract and convert top-quality leads.

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