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No Shows in real estate, and 2 strategies to still get the mandate

no shows in real estate

No Shows in real estate, and how to still get the mandate

If you’re one of those real estate professional who is heavily focused on lead generation and scheduling appointments with potential sellers, you’re going to want to read on…

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: you get a lead (either through a referral, cold call, direct call or through online lead generation). You set up a time to meet and chat about what you bring to the table as a professional…

Only to experience the dreaded no-show.

You phone, Whatsapp or email them in the hope of getting them to reschedule with you…

But it’s radio silence. And you have no other options but to move on…and label them as “time wasters”.

But a few months later you see their home is on the market…

Listed with a competing agent!

You may ask yourself why they didn’t contact you! They were scheduled to meet with you, after all.

Maybe if you take a close look, you may ask yourself what you could have done differently to ensure they thought of you first when they did finally decide to list?

Or maybe you curse them under your breath.

Either way – what ever your reaction or thought process is – the fact is you had this home seller on the hook but let them slip off it…

Only to be reeled in and caught by another agent.

The truth is this: you didn’t stay in touch. You failed to stay top of mind. You forgot about them!

Now, there is no way you can realistically remember to keep in contact with every single potential client you’ve ever met or done business with. This is physically impossible.

Unless of course you have a long term strategy designed to keep the communication channel open.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, the above screenshot is the strategy I’ve used with great success – and the same strategy we assist clients with at Property Funnels.

This particular client make contact with Property Funnels in November 2021 and scheduled an online appointment.

The client was a no-show at the time.

So what we did was we placed her into our long-term nurture campaign: a 600+ day email sequence designed to do 2 things:

1 Stay top of mind

2 And provide incredible value and demonstrable expertise that we could help her in her real estate journey

The result?

She booked a new appointment in January 2022 and showed up!

And not only did she show up…she signed up for one of our premium packages!


Because, in simple terms, we never “forgot” about her and we always kept our communication personal in nature.

With a pretty sizeable email database, and because we meet on average 60 new potential clients a month, there is no way we can manually keep in touch with every one of these real estate agents.

Thanks to automation and personable and relatable content, we are able to stay top of mind while consistently providing value.

Appointments are the by-product of this strategy – not the focus.

No shows in real estate: time to turn the tables

This strategy can easily be replicated in the world of real estate by real estate professionals who see the value and opportunity in playing the long game. The major difference with this approach is that even if your lead doesn’t show up for their appointment, all hope is not lost because you actually have a real and tangible Plan B to convert them down the line.

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