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The only 3 Real Estate automation tools agents need to Win

real estate automation

3 real estate automation tools you need in your real estate business

Right now real estate lead generation is more of an art than a science and real estate agents burn out quickly because it’s so time consuming.

Besides cold calling, flyer drops, knocking on doors and relying on referrals, much of the modern process of getting mandates can be automated, and complimented by your social media strategy.

There are 3 top tools high performance agents use to get leads, follow up and generate more commissions.

Here are the three real estate automation tools real estate agents need in 2022.

Real estate automation tool #1: Social Media

Love it or hate it, your market is on social media. And in real estate terms, the bulk of your market is on Facebook and Instagram.

This is why learning the ins and outs of Facebook marketing is vital if you’re to stand any chance of competing for sellers’ attention.

Further than simply creating a post and boosting it, top marketers know that the real power of Facebook advertising is found in the backend of the platform. Marketers never ever boost posts from the page; but instead set up all their advertising inside Facebook’s Ads Manager (found in Facebook’s Business Manager).

This is where the real power of Facebook is realised and where you have the opportunity to optimise your advertising campaign for a range of objectives: from awareness, to engagement, to conversions (or leads) to boost your real estate business.

The optimisation strategy you choose is vitally important. Because if you choose the incorrect one you will just end up wasting your money. Bottom line!

To ensure you get the most out of your advertising spend, by focusing on what I believe are the real estate agent’s top 3 Facebook ad optimisation strategies for real estate, head over here

In truth Facebook ads are not 100% automated, but they can be set up once and see you generating leads on autopilot when done correctly!

Real Estate Automation Tool #2: Property Funnels

Real estate automation CRM software like Property Funnels is a key tool for agents and agencies alike if they are serious about capturing and nurturing their new leads long term.

As we know, people rarely sign a mandate almost immediately after filling in a lead capture form.

They generally need more information first and it’s your job to fill this knowledge gap. But how on earth are you supposed to educate 10, 20, 30 leads in various stages of their home selling journey all by yourself?

Is it even possible to do this alone and on your own steam?

The simple answer is no.

This is why real estate automation tools like Property Funnels was created. To not only safely store a real estate agent’s database, but to activate it and help the agent be more efficient in their day to day responsibilities (from lead generation to listing appointments and deal negotiation).

Property Funnels comes boxed with long-term nurture journeys that have been designed to help the agent bridge the knowledge gap most potential home sellers have, and to ensure the agent stays top of mind until the lead is ready to meet and discuss listing and selling their property.

The Property Funnels real estate automation tool has been helping real estate agents and agencies generate more leads, automate the follow up process, get more listing mandates and conclude more real estate transactions since 2020.

There really is no other tool in the market right now quite like it!

Real Estate Automation Tool #3: Zapier

This automation tool is not focused exclusively on real estate, but it has tons of applications real estate agents and agencies can use to make their lives easier and their businesses more efficient.

In a nutshell, Zapier allows real estate agents to connect different pieces of software they might already be using (like Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Google suite, Microsoft apps, various productivity tools and so much more) to improve data collection and storage.

So what does that mean, in practical terms? Well, one of the automations we build for real estate agents and agencies who join Property Funnels is the automatic capture and nurture of their portal leads.

Essentially, we set up a Zap so that when Property24 or Private Property sends you an email with a new lead enquiry, the important data in that email is filtered and sent to a Google Sheet and is then Zapped into Property Funnels, gaining you a new real estate lead.

Once inside Property Funnels, the new lead is automatically added to a 100-day buyer nurture journey to ensure more potential buyers become actual buyers!

For those real estate agents looking to automate more of their lead generation and follow ups, then using Property Funnels as a real estate automation tool is a must.

In fact, real estate agents who use it as their marketing automation platform of choice are saving hours per month, closing more leads into appointments and enjoying more mandates than they were before using it.

The real estate industry is constantly changing and real estate agents need to keep up real estate automation software trends if they want their business to grow. Real estate marketing automation software tools like Property Funnels ensures your real estate business is fully engaged, internally & externally active across all platforms (especially on Facebook, Google and Instagram) and that you’re following up quickly, efficiently and with relevant content.

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