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How to supercharge your database engagement in 2022 and win


Database management in real estate is as important as growing your database every day. 

Just like growing your database, you need to make sure that it is healthy and every contact on the database is nurtured. This means nurturing contacts on all levels; warm, hot and ultra-hot qualified leads.

Customers that are contacted throughout the year are always more valuable to a business than a database that is just a glorified Excel sheet.

While many real estate offices are sitting on massive databases of past and current leads, many are simply not reaching out to their databases consistently.

It can be easy to believe that it’s difficult to stay in touch and to send people relevant news, updates and general content. And most real estate offices simply do not have the skill set inhouse or the budget to outsource this function.

The good news is this: every single real estate office in South Africa has at least 10 opportunities to reach out to their databases every year.

The better news is this can also be automated. Which means it can be set up once and forgotten.

The best news is that the messages are all personalised.

This means your database can be exposed to messages, updates and offers they’ll actually want to hear about for YEARS before it becomes irrelevant.

Let’s check out just some of these opportunities below:

Public holidays (and Valentine’s Day)

South Africa has 11 official public holidays every year, including a non-official Valentine’s Day.

Excluding Easter, every one of these holidays falls on the same day every year. Which means that with a little automation, every customer inside your database can be sent a personalised message from you as a company or from the agent assigned to the lead.

Each message can contain an easy and convenient call to action to contact you or fill in one of your contact forms for a complimentary valuation of bond prequalification.

Customer-specific anniversaries

Every customer inside your database has personalised and unique anniversary dates assigned to them. These include their birthday and (if they bought from you) their property anniversary.

A customer database with these dates filled in provides you with another two opportunities to automate eCards on these special days and to notify the relevant agent to give the customer a personalised call to help reinforce the well wishes.

The benefit of knowing and storing the customer’s property anniversary is that it dovetails perfectly into offering the client a free property valuation to show them how much value their property now has in it should they list and sell today. This will help you stay top of mind when they do decide to list, and be more likely to list with you because you can show that you know what has happened in their property market over the past year.

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A year of done-for-you content

Having a bank of professional and relevant content that is automatically sent out on your behalf is a huge time saver and a massive value add to your business.

It not only keeps you and your brand top of mind throughout the year, but also positions you and your agency as the authority in the market because you are both entertaining your database as well as educating it about must-know news and content.

If you don’t have the internal resource to create content on an ongoing basis, look at outsourcing it to Property Funnels.

As an agency that specialises in digital marketing for real estate you can partner with us to keep your database up to date and nurtured throughout the year – every year!

Over the course of 2022 we will create content that not only keeps you top of mind, but will also provide practical information on how you can generate more leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter if your database is made up out of hundreds or tens of thousands of contacts – Property Funnels will make sure they are entertained, informed and nurtured throughout.

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