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How to easily get real estate seller leads from Facebook (a new strategy in 2022)

How to get real estate seller leads from Facebook

We all know how difficult it is to get real estate seller leads from Facebook.

And by “real estate seller leads”, we specifically mean qualified prospects who are looking to sell their house now or in the near future.

Fortunately, those days of struggling to figure out how to generate real estate seller leads from Facebook are over.

That’s because the tools available on the Facebook platform, as well as using marketing software like Property Funnels, means you could easily set up, launch and start getting leads before lunch.

In this post, I’ll show you how to get real estate seller leads from Facebook in 2022.

Let’s go!

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1 Facebook Lead Forms to get seller leads

Facebook’s own lead forms are a great and easy strategy to use if you do not have a website or landing page that it actually optimised to capture and convert seller leads. Your cost per lead is also generally cheaper than if you use landing pages becasue Facebook likes to keep its users on its own platform – instead of driving people off Facebook.

To create a lead form, simply go to: and click on the “Lead Generation” option.

From there, you can create a lead form very easily. You’ll need to specify the following:

  • Name of the form
  • Lead Form Type (I recommend using higher intent over higher number of leads)
  • Add the fields you need: names, phone number, email and street address of the property they would like valued
  • Privacy policy link and how you intend on using their data
  • And a link to your website or your phone number once they submit the form.

Make sure you use an eye-catching image for your lead form, as well as a catchy headline and strong copy with a clear call to action. You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention before they move on, so getting this right is vital.

2 Landing Pages to get seller leads

Landing pages generally result in higher quality leads simply due to the fact that you can prequalify your leads using the copy on the page as well as the specific questions in your form.

In order to create a landing page, you’ll need a marketing software like Property Funnels that comes standard with a landing page builder, forms, surveys, workflows and email and SMS (Whatsapp coming soon).

On your landing page you will need:

  • A strong headline
  • A descriptive sub-headline
  • And a form or multi-step form (survey) to capture the lead’s details

On Facebook, you’ll go again to and choose Conversion as your event

  • Specify your daily or lifetime budget
  • Geographic targeting
  • Interests and demographics of your target market
  • And on the ad itself, a great headline, high-converting ad copy, a great image/video and the link to your landing page

Once the lead has submitted the form, they should ideally be redirected to a confirmation landing page (preferably with a calendar booking widget to get them to book an appointment with you).

Your workflow should have an email or SMS autoresponder (at the very least) to ensure that when you do phone them, they remember who you are (see why there is no such thing as a time waster in real estate lead generation).

If you do have a property marketing CRM like Property Funnels you could benefit from having a long-term nurture campaign that follows up with all your leads well into the future (as we know, not all leads convert into appointments and clients immediately, so having an automated follow up system means no leads will ever fall through the cracks.

Combining Facebook Lead Forms with Landing Pages

Did you know you can combine both lead forms with landing pages? And the best part is it’s very easy to set up.

You may remember I told you that you could drive Facebook Form leads to your website or your phone number once they submitted their lead form?

Well, instead of simply saying you can visit our website here…why not give them an incentive to complete more information on your landing page?

Something like a free, personalised desktop valuation or 15-minute no-obligation chat about what they can do to improve the marketability of their home when they do decide to sell?

If you have a landing page already, you can simply add the url to this page on the confirmation screen of your Facebook Lead Form.

Real Estate Facebook Lead Generation & Qualified Leads

If you want to speak with us about how we can help your real estate business generate more leads please click here.

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