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Want to make better sales calls? How I convert 100% to clients

make better sales calls

So you want to get better sales calls? The truth is they can go either way.

Sometimes sales calls can convert immediately. While some sales calls can take weeks or months to convert into business.

The secret to closing more of your sales calls is in your follow up!

The fact is this: You are sitting on a goldmine already.

A lot of my work involves helping real estate agents attract new, cold leads to their sales funnels. We attract anywhere between 10 to 30 leads on a measly spend of just R500 (and in a single weekend). And as important as it is to continually fill the top of your funnel with new leads, you should never discount the value of your own database.

Your database is already filled with people you’ve dealt with and who know you at worst, and trust you at best. This is your warm audience and it’s here where you will not only get the best engagement on your offers, but extract the most value for your business over the long term.

To illustrate, I started my business with a database of just 300 contacts. It was these 300 contacts that I consistently sent emails to, sending them offers to improve their business, showing them what I was working on and explaining how they could benefit.

Every email gave them an opportunity to schedule a Zoom call with me to see if and how I could help them.

I have sat through hundreds of Zoom calls over the past year, and each and every one of those calls has converted into clients.

The cold hard truth is I have converted 100% of the sales calls I’ve ever had.

But the kicker is this: I did not convert them all on the very first call!

You see, I understand that people never ever buy what you’re selling when you want them to…

They only buy when they are ready.

The not-so-secret secret is to send a lot of emails and a lot of offers, always showing what you have to offer to your perfect customer and that you are the obvious choice to solving their problems.

What happened to me, and what I know will happen for you too is this: your database will always turn to the person who consistently communicates with them and will only reach out when your offer matches their timing!

In marketing there really is no shortcut to getting sales.

You simply have to do the work and do it consistently.

But you should concentrate more of your energy and time on your own database and leave a little for other channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Google.

Have you considered this new way to generate home seller leads?

How to leverage your efforts on social media to get better sales calls

How can you redirect that energy and focus you put into social media and instead concentrate it on your existing database?

Here’s a tip: What social media posts have you made in the past year (on your personal or business profile) that have resulted in the highest engagement?

Which ones could you repurpose into emails and send them to your database?

If your own friends and followers (your warm audience) found value in what you were doing, why would your own database of past and existing clients also not find value in them?

Positioned properly, with a solid offer and call to action, you simply cannot lose!

Want to close more deals and keep your calendar full up with appointments?

Focus on those who already know, like and trust you!

Treat them like a good friend and they will engage with you…and they WILL call on you to help them when their timing meets your offer!

The moment you do this, you WILL convert more of your sales calls into deals!

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