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What is a real estate sales funnel? (6 elements to include)

real estate sales funnel

A real estate sales funnel is not a nice-to-have. 

In fact, if you’ve been paying any attention to the shift in privacy and direct marketing trends in South Africa, you’ll already know that the old-school techniques to source and market to home owners in your farming market have changed dramatically.

Cold calling is fast becoming a no-no, door knocking is time consuming and dangerous (for you and the home owner) and flyer drops are not a measurable source of leads (it’s branding at best).

So, what can modern real estate agents do to get the attention of their target market and open the door to a conversation with quality seller leads?

How can a real estate agent spend less time canvassing on the phone, calling people who do not want to speak to you (and who will treat you like a contagious disease)?

What can a real estate agent do to get quality seller leads that is both time- and cost-effective?

Based on your understanding, or on what you might have already heard, a real estate sales funnel is more of a journey than a destination.

It’s a series of steps your prospect will take when they first notice you and decide to engage further with you.

And it’s important to have this mapped out before you start.

For this you’ll need a few key pieces to your real estate sales funnel:

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  1. An advertising channel (1 is good, 2 or 3 is better)
  2. A professional and mobile-optimised landing page that speaks directly to your perfect customer’s problem (for home owners wanting to sell the language and offer will be different to those who want to buy)
  3. A simple or a multi-step form that captures their name and contact information (with their explicit opt in consent)
  4. A Thank You landing page (with a link to your calendar or your listings because sellers are usually also buyers)
  5. An email or SMS autoresponse (this tells your prospect that their request has been successfully received and lets them know you will be in touch soon. It can also tell them to do something like book in your calendar if they didn’t already do that on your Thank You page)
  6. A follow-up campaign of at least 30 days after they sign up (this is a series of emails or SMS messages reminding them that you are still available to assist them and to get them comfortable with seeing your name, brand and email signature in their email inbox)

As a real estate agent you may or may not be comfortable with creating Facebook or Google Ads and setting them up, building and designing landing pages, setting up automations or even creating content to go with your follow-up campaigns.

You are a sales and service professional after all. And you’d much prefer to be on the road driving to listing presentation appointments, conducting valuations or hosting Show Days at your clients’ listings.

We get it.

The good news is we take care of every single element to building, designing and optimising your real estate funnels: from Google and Facebook ads, to your branded landing pages, forms and follow up email and SMSes so that you can have potential home sellers book in your calendar…all on autopilot!

But it doesn’t stop there. You also need other content to keep your leads engaged with you and your brand once they enter your funnel. This is achieved through 52 weeks of done-for-you emails, 8 happy holiday emails (for everything from Valentine’s Day to Freedom Day and Christmas), Happy Birthday emails and Happy Property Anniversary emails.

We also help you import and engage with your existing list of contacts (whether it’s only 500 people or 100 000!)

We have emails that you can send to owners in a street, apartment block, estate or suburb right after you’ve successfully concluded a sale, showing these homeowners that you are not only an active agent in their area, but an effective agent!

All of this content is designed to keep your leads and clients engaged with you over their lifespan in your real estate sales funnel.

As you and I both know, people do not buy and sell property on a whim, and they most certainly do not simply use and hire the first agent they meet or see. Instead, they choose the agent that stays top of mind and demonstrates effectiveness and that they feel they can trust to truly help them.

All leads eventually do convert. But whether they choose you or one of your competitors is simply down to how well your funnel engages with them over time.

Sure, you could stay top of mind emailing, SMSing or Whatsapping your leads and clients when just starting out. But how effective and consistent will you be able to be once you have 10, 20, 50 or 100 leads? Once you hit these numbers you’ll soon be too busy with buyer OTPs, coordinating appointments, dealing with ongoing real estate training and exams, fielding client questions and concerns, doing listing presentations, arranging and hosting show days… the list is endless.

A real estate sales funnel that combines localised content and is powered by automation is really the only way to stay on top of all clients in your database (those that you already have and those you capture from lead generation activities).

Sales funnels and the way they are built in 2021 have changed dramatically. And it’s with this change in mind that we have built Property Funnels to answer a very important question in the real estate market.

And that is how can a real estate agent create digital advertising campaigns that convert cold traffic into warm leads? How can a real estate marketing funnel drive a lead from a Facebook ad or a Google ad to a landing page that speaks to them and their needs, and convince them to part with their private information so that you can pick up your phone and call them?

At its most basic, this is what Property Funnels’ real estate marketing funnels excel at! It’s also the reason why more than 600 real estate agents (that’s a lot of real estate agents!) use Property Funnels on a daily basis to take their sales funnels to a level never dreamed possible before!

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It’s how they maintain a connection with their target market and stay relevant and top-of-mind.

And not only do they use it for lead generation, but they also automate mundane and time-consuming tasks in their real estate business too.

If you're ready to join the property Funnels revolution sweeping the south african market, and if you want your own real estate funnel to capture and convert more leads, then join us today!

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