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A new way to generate home seller leads in 2022 (forget the 3 you already know)

home seller leads

As a real estate professional you already know that home seller leads are the lifeblood of your business. And that without a fresh and consistent supply of new home seller leads into your business, you will struggle to stay afloat and realise your business aspirations.

Remarkably, though, getting seller leads in real estate is not something many agencies teach their agents…and those who do teach it focus on 3 of the tried and tested (sadly, now outdated) techniques:

1 Cold calling

2 Flyer drops

3 Relying on referrals from past clients

While we all wish we had a network of past happy clients who would refer friends and family to us on a daily basis, the truth is relying on your network to refer clients to you is neither proactive nor predictable.

And with the laws around personal information having tightened this year, calling a homeowner out of the blue and asking if they’d like to list and sell with you could land you in hot water and generally results in being verbally abused.

And don’t even get me started on flyer drops. They are neither measurable nor highly effective.

So, how does a new real estate agent get home seller leads?

With all the changes in the marketing landscape, what can a rookie or even established agent do to get home seller leads?

A new, more time efficient strategy called attraction marketing – leveraging online marketing – is the most time- and cost-efficient way to get leads to come to you.

It combines using the Facebook Ads Manager platform together with attractive creative and effective copy to get the attention of your market on a platform where your market is already spending a lot of their time: Facebook.

In fact, according to Statista, age demographics across the platform reveal that about 40% of users are between the ages of 35 and 65+.

And as you already know, most home sellers fall within this age bracket.

This is great news for real estate agents looking to reach homeowners who want to sell now or within the next 6 months.

The key, though, is to get the attention of these consumers and providing them with an easy and effortless way to give you their property and contact information. Regardless of the time of day.

It also has another result: it turns the table on you as the agent being the prey instead of the hunter. And in the context of attraction marketing, being pursued means you hold the authority in the relationship from the start. It makes you and your service the desire it should be.

If you’d like to learn how to capture the attention of your market, and convert that attention to leads, watch our 60-minute training on using Facebook’s Ads Manager (video below).

Far from just touching on the only three targeting criteria that really matter when running a seller-focused Facebook ad, we reveal the exact step-by-step process we follow when setting up a Facebook ad for our own clients:

  • How to set up your ad for leads
  • How to optimise your budget
  • How to increase the size of your audience
  • The anatomy of a Facebook ad
  • How to create the perfect ad copy and creative
  • And a lot more

Property Funnels’ clients are already taking action and using the information shared to set up their own ads to attract and convert sellers to their seller-focused landing pages!

Now we’re pulling back the curtain to show you exactly and step-by-step how you too can set up your Facebook Ads for success by sharing the same training here.