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Want to know the best way to NOT attract home seller leads? (everyone is trying this and even Facebook is punting it)

home seller leads

Getting home seller leads is the lifeblood of your real estate business. 

It’s the only way to ensure you continue to move the needle and actually have real and targeted people to talk to.

But there is one shiny object that’s been around for a few years now that is still around…and which simply does not work. It’s also a lead generation option punted by Facebook: one of the biggest advertising platforms on the planet.

It’s a method many of us have tried and royally failed at. Yet, there are so-called marketers out there who continue to peddle and sell it to unsuspecting agents!

And agents continue to buy into it, believing it could be the silver bullet to their lead generation challenges.

On the surface it makes total sense…but once deployed all it attracts are other service providers peddling their services, desperate people looking for work and bored people who have no interest in selling their home (many of whom don’t even have homes to sell)!

And I’ve got the proof that it simply doesn’t work.

Today I’m declaring that when looking for home seller leads, Messenger bots are your quickest way to burning your cash and wasting your valuable time. 

Why? Because an ad that leads people to Messenger means zero effort for the audience. And when you remove the effort required to self-qualify, you attract lazy and low-intent people into your funnel. And as we all know, selling a house takes a lot of effort and even more commitment from the seller to stay motivated when things get tough.

Top producing agents know that qualifying a seller is as important and qualifying buyers. So why try to take shortcuts when generating home seller leads?

Instead, use smarter, targeted marketing which actually requires effort and commitment from a potential home seller. This way your funnel will not be clogged with unqualified and uncommitted consumers, job seekers and service industry peddlers costing you money on your hard-earned advertising rand!

There are better, smarter and more effective ways to generate home seller leads than using Messenger bots. I cover the exact strategy we employ with Property Funnels clients that produce real results (right now and in the future).

Agents beware: whenever a so-called marketer tries to sell you a shiny object, ask for their previous results and successes. Ask them what their strategy is for those who do not use you right away (because this the 60% of the market who will use an agent in the next 6 to 18 months, and you want to be visible to them during this period so they not only like and trust you, but actually use you). Ask them what strategies they use to weed out any chance takers and time wasters (not to be confused with actual homeowners who are often referred to by the same words).

Marketing is not simply about putting out a Facebook ad and hoping for the best…it’s about an overarching strategy that has multiple touch points and consumer journeys for every customer profile in your funnel. It’s about being prepared for growth and success; or having strategies in place for when it requires patience and time before a client actually commits.

If you have been pitched by a marketer trying to sell these stop-gap solutions and promising you results…wait! Think. Ask.

The market is hugely competitive and getting your name and business out there is tough. But do you know what’s even tougher? Having a dying business full up with the wrong kind of leads.

Don’t compromise on giving your business the best chance to succeed. Learn the strategies that work, do your research online and partner with people who know real estate and get results.

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