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Time wasters in real estate – and how to convert them in 2022

time wasters in real estate

time wasters in real estate.

For many agents, when a potential lead doesn’t turn into an immediate mandate, they brand them as time wasters, tyre kickers…

But today I’d like to provide you with a different narrative.

Sure, people are fickle at times and they don’t always buy our services when we need them to…

And herein lies the issue. It’s not about us and our needs to do business.

It’s about the client and their needs now and in the future. Is someone who is researching the market now and is not ready to sell right now a time waster? Or are they just biding their time so they can make an informed decision about whether selling now or in the near future is right for them; and needing the advice and help from a qualified agent to get them there?

Here’s the rub: people never ever buy from us when we want them to. They do it when they want to.

They are not time wasters if they do not intend on selling right away.

They are actually top of funnel leads. They are the foundation of your future business. And here’s the thing: they will choose you in the future if you stay in touch with them.

The good news is top of funnel leads all eventually become middle and bottom of funnel leads. But the critical thing here is to keep filling your pipeline with top of funnel clients, and move them down by being present in the places where you can set the narrative and control the conversation. 

Email is a great method for staying in touch with your clients and presents a no-pressure environment for them to choose to engage with your content or not at all.

There are a few ways to fill your funnel with top of funnel clients, and these include paid ads and organic value posts. But in every single instance, you need to have an easy opt-in  page where you drive traffic.

Your own social media profile is a great lead funnel and with a little tweak and some optimisation you can collect leads from Facebook simply by being active on Facebook.


In conclusion, time wasters in real estate are simply not time wasters at all. 

They are simply top of funnel leads who need some nurturing to get them down your funnel where they will be more likely to convert. So please do not lose heart if leads do not turn into immediate listings. While it’s exactly what we would all like…it’s simply not the way sales works.

Work on your lead nurturing efforts and have systems in place to automate this for you. Property Funnels comes pre-boxed with lead nurturing campaigns that can keep you top of mind for up to 52 weeks! That’s a full year of email. Done. And has been proven to get agents appointments and mandates.

If you’re interested in learning more about Property Funnels, you can do that here