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3 easy tactics to get real estate leads without Cold Calling

Do you want to get real estate leads without cold calling?

Seller leads are the lifeblood of every real estate agent’s business.

The old way of getting seller leads was to purchase a list with homeowner details and phone numbers and hit the call button.

You’d have to sit for at least an hour a every day going through number after number. Sometimes the numbers were outdated and sometimes they went to voicemail.

But when you did finally manage to get through to a homeowner you’d be met with either an irritated and antagonistic prospect or a friendly voice.

You’d have to deal with a lot of rejection and name calling just to reach the few friendly voices…and they may or may not have been interested in selling now or in the near future.

At least 5 hours every week (or 20 hours a month) spent hustling for the opportunity to conduct a valuation (and then still not being guaranteed of even getting the mandate).

Real estate is a tough business…but it doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, with the right strategies in place, and by being consistent with your lead generation efforts, you could enjoy the feeling of waking up in the morning with new leads in your pipeline and bookings in your calendar.

Cold calling simply cannot deliver 10 or more leads over a single weekend.

But using smart, and easy online lead generation tactics can. In fact, the strategy I’m about to share with you below has consistently delivered 10+ leads in 4 days for real estate agents in Johanneburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and even in secondary markets like Mafekeng, Kimberley, Brits, Howick and Richards Bay.

To emphasise the point, one rookie real estate agent (who had only been operating as an agent for 3 months) approached us to assist him with cracking his local market. Two weekends and R1000 later he had 89 new seller leads in his pipeline (which he was able to convert into sole and open mandates, as well as some rentals).

And with Zero Cold Calling!

The results are repeatable and far more predictable than cold calling and even relying on referrals.

Now that’s I’ve painted the picture of what is truly possible, I’ll dive into the How.

There are 3 parts to a successful digital marketing funnel:

#1 The traffic source

#2 The landing page

#3 The follow up

Many agents and marketers focus on the first two, but generally lack the most important part: the follow up. It’s where the gold truly is; it’s also where the greatest actual conversions happen.

So, how can you get real estate leads without cold calling?

#1 Traffic: Directing traffic to your business

The key to any successful marketing plan is finding your market. It’s the place where the vast majority of your perfect customers hang out regularly, and where they feel most “at home”. And in the world of digital marketing for real estate agent, it is hands down Facebook and Instagram. It also happens to be one of the cheapest traffic sources with a lead costing you in the region of R20 to R60. You can do the maths: if you spend R500 and use the right targeting parameters, and optimise for the correct conversion events, you could convert 8 new home sellers at worst, or 25 at best.

And that’s without doing any cold calling!

A few things to note about Facebook ads is that boosting your posts is simply a waste of money and will not help you reach your desired target market. You will have to learn Facebook Ads Manager because this is where the true power of Facebook Ads is hidden.

#2 A landing page that speaks to your audience

If you’ve set up your ads correctly and you’re targeting for the right interests, demographics and geography, the next piece of your funnel is your seller focused landing page.

This is one of the most important aspects to your success because it needs to mirror the conversations your prospects are already having in their own heads.

It also needs to sway them to trust you. You already know that real estate agents are not regarded with the most amount of trust by consumers, so showing that other people trust you and have used you in the past is your first step to getting over the trust hurdle. Written and video testimonials can help you here!

Your landing page also needs a strong call to action and an opt-in form complete with your leads’ details, contact information and their property address.

#3 Fortune in the follow up

You’ve probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up. And it’s definitely true. But further than simply having a single email autoresponder and nothing else, you should really focus your efforts on going so much further in your automated email, SMS and Whatsapp follow up series.

At Property Funnels our clients enjoy a follow up nurture campaign that spans more than 35 days after a new lead is captured…and is paired with a further 53 weeks of done-for-you email to keep your leads engaged.

What this does is simple: it gets your name regularly in your prospects’ inboxes so that when they are ready to list and sell (or refer an agent to their friends and colleagues) your name is more memorable and stands a much higher chance of being the one they call or refer.

To do this manually, however, is practically impossible if you have more than 10 new leads in your funnel. And is the main reason why high-performance real estate professionals choose marketing automation software like Property Funnels to help them manage their databases.

With Popi having come into full force in July 2021, and many real estate agents scrambling to get leads and listings, it makes learning and leveraging new technologies all the more important. 

Let us help you fast track to success! That is unless you want unpredictable sales pipelines or prefer to rely solely on referrals.

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real estate leads without cold calling

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