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Mandate Renewals – How to stop losing them (and make more money from your renewal commissions)

rental mandate renewals

Business is all about growth. 

But the moment you start to get busier with a growing list of mandates running concurrently, managing their upcoming renewals can get tricky.

And the less organised you are, the easier it is to miss important milestone dates. 

In fact, missing a renewal window means you not only lose the mandate, but you also potentially lose all future income from a client.

And the vast majority of real estate professionals are manually managing their mandate renewals: manually checking when mandates expire, sending out renewal documents and tracking their progress. It is time consuming and inefficient, and requires a lot of manual follow up.

What if you could automate the mandate renewal process?

rental mandate renewals

Mandate Renewal Pro by Property Funnels helps to automate this process so agents can focus on what matters most – increasing sales!

The Mandate Renewal Pro Pipeline allows agents and managers to see all current clients who need their mandates renewed.

The simple automated flow sends the agent a notification of the expiring mandate.

The client is also automatically sent a renewal letter (complete with follow up) and the principal or sales/rental manager is notified if the agent has either not successfully re-signed the client, or if the client has failed to renew.

Mandate Renewal Pro means business retention is higher, more future income is secured and reputation is enhanced because agents will be able to provide excellent customer service even if they’re busy elsewhere in their businesses.

Check out the Mandate Renewal Pro demo here

Mandate Renewal Pro is available to all Premium Property Funnels clients for a small once off fee of R300 for set up time and for non-managed subscribers at R500 once off.

If you’re not yet a Property Funnels subscriber, what are you waiting for? 

Join other high performance real estate professionals who are using Property Funnels to grow, retain, convert and automate their real estate businesses. 

You can do that here

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