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The wolves who want your business

Blood is in the air…and the wolves are out on the prowl.

The urgency right now for brick and mortar businesses to get online is paramount; likewise the opportunity for digital marketers to capitalise on this shift is massive.

Covid, lockdown, and the slow death of traditional media point to a total and un-ignorable(?) shift in the way customers are introduced to you, your brand and your products, and how you sell.

Relying on footfall in a mall is also like putting your business at the mercy of chance: you are no longer guaranteed that steady flow of weekday traffic and you are most certainly already feeling the pinch from the drying up of that reliable influx of weekend shoppers.

What you need now is a way to get attention…to have a space where you can tell your story and differentiate yourself and your products from those of your competitors.

A word of caution though: There are wolves out there. And they want to sell you something you don’t actually need or something they don’t know how to deliver.

They have bought a short online course in digital marketing and have a Clickfunnels subscription, and now they need customers to pay for these expensive subscriptions before Russell’s debit order comes knocking…

Here’s what they want to sell you:

A cookie-cutter Facebook ad…

A cookie-cutter three-step funnel…(complete with cookie-cutter copywriting)

And a cookie-cutter email series…

Here’s the thing, though: you will be impressed. It really will look great (to you).

But what none of these wannabe digital marketers understand is how to actually help you come up with an offer YOUR customers want…

They sure as hell don’t know how to address your customers’ objections, own them and use them to sell your products…

No funnel building software can actually do the work a professional copywriter can.

So here’s my pitch (and a warning): if you have a brick and mortar business that was doing well before lockdown or is still doing well…but you want it to do even better…speak to me about building out a marketing strategy that you can understand and that your customers will too.

Because at the end of the day, you need to make sales to survive. And your customers (new and existing) need to be talked off the fence to keep buying from you, or reminded that you still exist.

***The warning is this: Don’t be fooled by the hundreds of new digital marketing agencies that keep cropping up, trying to gain your business. Remember, marketing is about finding and selling to your market. Not about fancy funnels software. Choose someone who looks at it from that perspective and you will be just fine!

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