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Make this 1 simple change before you comment on another Facebook post

Did you know that you’re being watched on Facebook?

By people you know and people you’ve never met? And that these people do not even tell you that they are watching you?

Full disclosure…these people are not stalkers…not in the traditional sense anyway…

But here’s what they all have in common: they all want something from you.

But…and this is the scary part…they are not getting it from you and you are losing out on so much opportunity because of this.

The scariest part? You’ve missed out on massive opportunities probably for years already and you wouldn’t even know you had…

But what if you could change this today? And have people either coming directly to you with business propositions or entering your sales pipeline with no extra effort than simply sharing your expertise on Facebook or providing valuable comments on other people’s posts?

Would you like a day where your Messenger inbox is hit by people who want to do business with you?

What about a day where this happens more than once? Consistently?

The good news is you can.

And the truth is this is what I experience on a daily basis. (I’m happy to share a screen shot of my Messenger inbox for anyone who thinks I’m talking through my nose…)

It’s such a great position to be in where leads approach you…instead of you chasing them down.

The dynamic of the relationship shifts from “Please buy my stuff” to “Let me see if you are good customer for me”.

That’s a powerful position to be in…especially if you’re not used to being the one who is chased.

And who could blame you: You’ve been taught to chase.

None of these techniques are wrong. They all add value to your business and ensure that you are seen.

And, yes, they do bring you business.

But what if you could get people to come to you?

What if you could afford to spend more time doing what you enjoy (and are actually good at) because you are almost guaranteed to have leads approach you?

Instead of chasing them all day long…

Does that sound like the kind of business you would like to have?

Yes? Then click here to start generating fresh leads from Facebook today.

  • Stop throwing your money at boosted posts that reach the wrong audience
  • Stop looking (and feeling) like a desperate salesperson
  • Enjoy the feeling that comes with a “Messenger ping” when you need it most

Turn your stalkers into customers…(Anyone can do it)

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