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How to make sales…every week by getting this 1 strategy right

You have seen headlines like this many times before. Make more sales doing thisSell more using this Mayan strategy

This is not one of those blogs.

At the end of March I was retrenched from my day job as a digital marketing and automation specialist for a small, 20-employee-strong company.

This is not the first time I have been retrenched, either (in fact, it’s the third…I know how to pick ‘em).

But I’ve just had the most profitable few weeks of the year…outearning my weekly rate at my previous employer…


By focusing on my strengths and using them to sell myself. And in my case it’s using my copywriting skills to sell my products and services to people who need help generating and converting leads: from Facebook ads and email broadcasts to landing pages and email autoresponders.

These are the only tools you need to begin making sales right now.

The good news…most of the programs I use either cost me nothing or at most R500 per month.

The better news…they help me convert sales many multiples more than their initial investment.

You see, the tools you are using are not going to sell any of your products or services.

They are merely there to help you deliver your message to the right people (at the right time).

The one element that is going to help you make more sales?

The hardest of the bunch to learn and get right?

The one thing that is just about always the difference between a marketing campaign that shoots out the lights or does an “unpretty” bellyflop is this:

The offer.

And to be even more specific: the story that sells the offer.

I’m not here to convince you that your lack of sales is the result of a sub-par offer presentation (the offer could be all wrong, the market may not need what you’re trying to sell them, or your timing is off).

But there is a reason why my own retrenchment (while living in lockdown in a household of 5) did not scare me.

And that reason is this: my ability to create products people need, offers they buy into and successfully use the mediums available to me means I am relishing this challenge of outearning my previously employed self.

So, David, what’s the offer?

I’m so glad you asked.

If you know you’ve got a product or service that is amazing and should be in the hands of your market, but you’re just not getting through all the noise or you’re not sure why your sales pitch is not hitting the right notes…

Or if the lockdown has brought your successful small business to a screeching halt, and you were never properly prepared for going online (and you don’t even know where to begin or who to ask)…

Or if you have an email database that you haven’t spoken to for years, and you need help resurrecting it and selling to it (I can guarantee you there is money in there)…

You have me in your corner.

I can quite confidently recommend myself as the solution to your problem. You know I could be because you’ve read this far already. You’re not ready to throw in the towel, either.

So, instead of sitting there staring at your screen, wondering if I can really help you, why not just find out?

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