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These 2 tactics attract a steady stream of leads to you

Want your leads to come knocking on your door? Then read on…

Back in 2015 I had a dream of creating a one-stop-shop website that could help answer the many questions homeowners, landlords and tenants had about property. The mission was to be useful and provide practical advice that readers could actually use to improve their lives.

At the time I knew nothing about building websites, SEO and lead generation (if only I did), but what I did know was that if you create great content that people actually want, people would find it.

Little did I know that I was building an inbound marketing machine (minus the marketing and the machine).

You see, what I did not fully comprehend then was that even though the web was a massive place, there were people looking for the content I was creating.

As it turned out, between 30,000 to 40,000 people every month.

This was without any money being poured into Google ads or setting up any SEO…

The greatest tragedy, however, was that I didn’t capitalise on the traffic my website was getting (no lead magnets, no real offers, no front or backend selling…)

I know now that if I had been smarter then…or had smarter people who could have advised me…I would have made a lot of money and been able to keep the project afloat.


Inbound marketing is powerful stuff…but its success hinges on two key parts:

  1. Great content that answers searchers’ burning questions
  2. SEO-optimised pages and posts

The first one is the hardest to achieve. It means you need to embed yourself in the market you’re trying to serve.

You need to know who you want to help and why, and be able to attract them to you with offers they cannot refuse.

And you can only create this content and these offers if you have researched your market and understand what they want.

Here at Property Funnels I do two things:

  1. I build funnels for property professionals so that they can grow their leads, sign more mandates, sell more homes and earn more commission, and
  2. I write targeted blogs that my market actually desires.

These two activities means I enjoy a steady flow of inbound leads that find my content, read it and enter my funnel (either buying on sign up or in my email backend).

And I can prove it too.


These are not massive numbers (heck, this site only went live two weeks ago and only has four blogs on it), but it is already being found by searchers.

12 of these people used my contact form to sign up and enquire about a funnel for their business.

  1. If you want a website than can do this for your business or if you are already paying for a website that is not bringing you any leads, I can help you in 3 ways:
    Create great content that your market wants
  2. Optimise your SEO so that your site and content are found, and
  3. Create a back-end for your business from where all your selling can be done.

You really do not need more than this.

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