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How to write headlines that help you sell Stuff Using This 3-part formula

Headlines are magic! Don’t you think?

They possess so much power that they have been used to launch entire business empires, unicorn products and best-seller books.

While technology changes around us each year, and shifts the way messages are delivered to our audiences, the fundamentals of good copywriting and story-telling are the same as they have always been.

Good. Wholesome. Honest. Captivating. Exciting.

The headline has one purpose in the world of sales and marketing…and that is to get people to stop what they are doing, pay attention, see themselves in it and decide if the message is intended for them, and…most importantly…encourages them to read the next line.

That’s it. That’s why they exist.

It makes very little sense to write the best sales copy for the best product and the greatest deal of the decade if you only spend 2 minutes writing…dum dum dum…1 headline!

That aint gonna cut it, sunshine. You need more…much, much more to arrive at your best headline.

Today I want to help you write a headline that stops someone long enough to pay attention and read the next line.

How you do this is by deconstructing what a headline is: In simple terms it’s a very condensed description of your offer, your audience and their problem.

That’s it. And like a license plate number, there are many thousands of ways you can break this up and reconstruct it.

Today I want to show you how to write a very basic, but effective, headline using the same formula top copywriters use to sell their own or their clients’ products and services…and make bucket loads of money in the process!

Here’s the formula: H2+(GB)-(PP)

How to (Get Benefit) without (Pain Point)

Want an example?

How about:

“How to make R1 million without needing to get out of bed before 6am”


“How to buy a new home without putting in a cent of your own money”


“How to lose 10kg in 10 days without giving up chocolate”

People love How To headlines.

The reason is people love shortcuts. They love hacks.

A How To gives them permission to follow a method that makes sense to them so they can enjoy a similar benefit to the one you have either already achieved or one that you promise them is possible.

People are always looking out for themselves…and with this in mind, they are on the hunt for benefits. But they are not stupid. They know there are usually Pain Points to getting these benefits.

You can use this to your advantage. If you know what your audience wants and you know what pain points they hate, this headline formula will work magic for your business.

Remember the formula: H2+(GB)-(PP)

Make Your Headlines Work For Social Media

If you want to use your headlines to improve your social media engagement (remember, half of social media engagement has to do with getting your readers’ attention first, then asking for engagement) get my Social Media Idea Generator. It takes the guesswork out of creating engaging social media content by providing you with a ready source of ideas, scripts and context about why the ideas will work for you.

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