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How to ask for and get the commission you really want

If you believe people pay you based on your time…Your expertise…Your effort and experience…you need to read what I’m about to say.

You’re absolutely wrong.

And this is the number one reason why you cannot break free from the fee or income ceiling that is holding you back from earning the kind of money and living the kind of life you dream about.

It’s your mindset that needs to change…and it’s not your fault that you even have this mindset in the first place…

You have inherited it from employers, customers and society.

Regardless of what you believe, no one cares about your time or what experience you have (not in the black and white sense of x number of years means I deserve this much payment for the job…or this amount of experience means I’m worth this amount of pay…)
You’re not worth a cent of what you have done in the past and your time to do a job is not important either…

Here’s what is important and here’s what you need to know about what people spend their money on: Value.


Value is the only commodity you can use to leverage your earning potential.

Want more money for the work you do? Demonstrate value.

And to turn the table on the person paying you: demonstrate the value they will get from hiring you or buying from you.

People only care about what value you can bring to their lives…or their business…

When you refocus your sales on the value you are offering the buyer, you can set any price you want.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at the price difference between Apple phones and Android…

Apple is not necessarily a better phone and Android devices can do pretty much the same, but Apple leverages its value proposition better and can get people to buy into that offer (you will be more admired if you have an Apple device…you will be viewed as more successful if you have an Apple phone…)

But here’s the truth about value: You can’t be all things to all people and value is not the same across the board.

Some value their time over their effort…some value their health over their wealth…some value simplicity over opulence…

If you know your market, you’ll know what they value. If you don’t know what they value, you’ll always struggle to make the sale…ask for the price you want…and earn what you truly desire.

The key is to demonstrate the value they will get from buying from you. Do this well…and you’ll break through that invisible income ceiling.

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